Stream, Eat, Repeat

The New Food TV Shows & Movies to Stream in December

Image Credit: The Kitchn

It's that time again! All your favorite places to watch TV shows and movies — Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon Prime — have released their list of all the new things to stream in December. While there are plenty of good holiday movies this month, there are also some great food shows (and one kid movie) that need to be considered. Grab your popcorn and your tray of homemade cookies and feast with your eyes.

Coming to Netflix

If you love Chopped, then you need to check out this show in December. The best chefs in Korea battle to create the most interesting dishes. The show has English subtitles.

Coming to Hulu

The above trailer is from the first season, but you can get a sense for what the show is about. Kitchn wrote about the first season last year. This second season is held in the south of France and Matthew Goode is hosting alongside new guy James Purefoy.

This spin on The Great British Bake Off returns to ABC on December 7 and you can watch it on Hulu December 8. Ayesha Curry and Anthony "Spice" Adams are hosting.

Coming to Amazon Prime

Nothing new this month.

Coming to HBO

Looking for a fun movie for your kids? Or maybe you just want to have some noise in the backround while you wash your dishes? This is it! Your favorite vegetable friends find themselves in the 17th century where they have to fight against a tyrant.

What are you planning on watching in November? Let us know in the comments below!