Editor Announcement

New Feature at The Kitchn! On-Site Notification Center

Image Credit: The Kitchn

At the end of last year we created two new features to help make commenting on the site more productive and useful: Daily Comment Reply Notifications and Nested Comments. We were thrilled with your response! We've seen your conversations become more lively and engaging than ever.

That's why we're even more thrilled to announce the next step in better conversations: the On-Site Notification Center!

Here's how it works:

When you're signed in to your account, click the "person" icon in the top-right of the page to open the Notification Center and see your recent notifications. If you have new notifications, a small dot will appear on the icon to tell you how many are waiting!

Unread notifications are highlighted. Once you click the notification it will be marked as "read" and you will be sent to the notification's destination. You can also mark notifications as read by clicking the "Mark as read" icon, or clicking the "Mark all as read" button.

If you have any new comment replies that you don’t see in the Notification Center, these will still be sent in your Daily Reply Notification email

We'll be thinking of more ways that the Notification Center can help you connect with us and one another, but for now we hope these on-site comment reply notifications contribute to the great conversations you're already having. Let us know what you think and if you have ideas for other notifications you'd like to see!