New Comment System Check-In

Just a quick check-in to see how the new community system was going for you. We realize that this is a change, creates an impediment to commenting (initially), and has been buggy, but we hope that it signals an improvement in your eyes....

Please remember that we expect to be teasing out bugs throughout this week so keep emailing us if something isn't working at support (at) apartmenttherapy . com.

Once we get this to work, the next steps go like this:

1. remove security codes from Surveys for registered users
2. create internal emailing between readers
3. create "bookmarking" of favorite posts so that they show popularity on front page and collect to your personal page
4. create reader "posting" so that posts created on personal pages can be pulled to the front page.

Of course, there's more than that, but this is where were going next. Right now it'd be great to know what you think about the comment function and personal pages in general.