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My Winter Morning Coffee Ritual: Preheat the Mug to Keep Coffee Hot

Image Credit: Faith Durand

If you're anything like me, the emergence from bed in the morning is propelled by the thought of that first cup of coffee, steaming hot, that warms your hands and gets the day perked up. Here's a little habit I've fallen into lately to make that first cup of coffee stay hotter longer.

We keep our kitchen pretty chilly in the wintertime, and I was noticing that my coffee mug felt positively frosty when I pulled it out of the drawer. Instead of letting the coffee do all the hard work of warming the mug, and lose its own heat in the process, why not give it a boost, I thought.

Now, before I drink my first cup of coffee, I preheat my mug by filling it to the brim with boiling water from the kettle or hot water from the tap. I let it sit for at least a minute, then dump it back in the kettle or into a dirty dish or pot that needs to be soaked anyway.

This is of course a very small and obvious thing to do — warming the cups is an age-old part of many tea traditions and ceremonies. I have always warmed my teapot in this way before brewing tea, but somehow I never thought of doing it for my coffee mug.

I notice that my coffee stays hotter longer, and I especially notice the difference when I'm filling up a to-go mug for myself or my husband; preheating the mug helps keep the coffee hot significantly longer, I've found.

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Some of you asked about my carafe! Here are links to the carafe and mug: