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The Top 10 Most-Searched-For Recipes on Google in 2018

Image Credit: Lauren Volo

This year you probably did too much cooking to recall every recipe you searched for. Maybe you used the massive Pinterest database, or maybe you turned to a trusty family cookbook passed down through the generations. Chances are, though, if you were in rush or looking for a new recipe on the fly, you took the simplest path and searched for what you were looking for on Google.

Curious about what your fellow home cooks whipped up this year? Well Google just released its most searched-for recipes of 2018, and the list is all about satisfying meals you can make for your family any night of the week.

Coming in at number one is a family favorite all year around: pecan pie. A guaranteed crowd pleaser, it's no wonder so many people were after this classic dessert recipe. Next up we have one you might not be so familiar with. It's hummingbird food, but no, you can't eat it. Apparently there were a lot of people out there this year who wanted to know how to nourish their local hummingbirds! Who knew?

Back to the human food. The next two are, again, family-friendly classics that I imagine a lot of parents cooked for their kids after work: meatloaf and beef stroganoff. Number five is a favorite of my own mom's — pork chops. Seeing a trend here? On Google, it seems as though cooks search for easy meals that can be prepared quickly and with ingredients you probably have in your pantry right now.

Rounding out the rest of the list are chicken Parmesan, scalloped potatoes (interestingly enough, another favorite of my mom's; seems like maybe my theory about parents searching for reliable recipes on Google is correct), lasagna, Brussels sprouts (because it's important to serve a healthy side with these hearty dinners) and for dessert, snickerdoodle cookies comes in at number 10.

Hummingbird food aside, this list actually doubles as a meal plan. You now have the next week or so of dinners for your family planned out, along with dessert and side. Now that's one less thing to worry about.