Recipe Roundup

Meals From Thanksgiving Leftovers: 9 Yummy Recipes

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Thanksgiving was a real success this year! We made everything we wanted and managed to not keep our starving family waiting for too long. We did seem to make the most food we've ever made and now we have a refrigerator filled with leftovers. Luckily we still have family staying, so with the help of some inventive recipes — we'll be eating freshened-up Thanksgiving leftovers all weekend!

• 1 How To Pan-Fry Leftover Bread Stuffing - Crispy, hot, and deliciously decadent.
• 2 Quick and Easy Turkey Pot Pie - A great way to use up turkey.
• 3 In Praise Of The Humble Turkey Sandwich - The classic.
• 4 Baked Apples With Cranberry Sauce - A delicious, easy dessert.
• 5 Using Up Leftover Turkey: Make Panini! - Another turkey idea.

• 6 Sweet Potato & Cornbread Hash with Veggie Sausage Gravy - A true meal, and so delicious.
• 7 Pie Shakes - Throw a piece of pie into the blender? Yeah!
• 8 Cranberry Buttermilk Pancakes - This is pretty brilliant: cranberry pancakes!
• 9 Mashed Potato Puffs - A quick and yummy appetizer or breakfast side dish.

Do you have any favorite ways to use up Thanksgiving leftovers?

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