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These Matzo Finds Are Totally Kosher for Passover

Image Credit: Susanna Hopler

My parents always keep at least one box of matzo in the house. (Note: I'm not sure if they're regularly going out to buy it because my dad likes snacking on the stuff throughout the year or if it all just happens to be leftover from our last Seder.) Soon, though, they will make a pilgrimage to the supermarket to get even more boxes. No matter how much matzo you have in the house, this is the time for Jews to load up on five-pound boxes of cracker-like bread for Passover.

You might not be keeping Passover — heck, you might not even be Jewish! — but we're guessing you'll get a good laugh out of these non-edible, unleavened gifts.

  1. Matzah Potholders, $14 for two at Judaica Shop: That hot matzo ball soup has to get to the dinner table somehow, right? These adorably themed potholders can help you get a grip on even the largest pot.
  2. Matzah Print Cloth Napkins, $24 for four at The Jewish Museum: For a super meta Passover, wrap the Afikoman in one of these cloth napkins. Not familiar with the Afikoman? In a Kosher-for-Passover nutshell, it's a piece of matzo that's saved (and sometimes hidden for the children to find) for later in the meal.
  3. Matzo iPhone Case, $18 at SealedWithACase: Craving a gooey pizza with extra cheese? You're better than that! Phone a friend and she'll help you stay on track for the week. And so will this unleavened phone case.
  4. Matzah Print Tie, $18 at Modern Tribe: Get this tie for the rabbi or your dad — they're both sure to get a kick out of it.
  5. Matzah Spiral Notebook, $14 at Zazzle: If you recently got into meal planning (yay, you!), this cute notebook can help keep you map out a meal that's Kosher for Passover.