Poll: Do You Buy From Fruit Carts?

One of the first signs of city spring are the return of the sidewalk fruit vendors across midtown Manhattan. We passed three on a lunch time walk this afternoon, as the temperature stretched above 60 degrees. The vendors haven't seen them out in force like this since it snapped cold around Thanksgiving.

The carts add a pop of tropic colors to gray street corners, even if their umbrellas are covered with ads. And we like to think of each cart as a little reminder to all of us to eat our fruits and veg.

But we want to know: do our fellow city-dwellers eat the offerings from these carts or do you consider this fruit forbidden? Do any of you have a favorite fruit cart?

Why we hesitate: The stuff they sell usually isn't organic or local and has been soaking in street-corner cab exhaust all day. Who knows how many people have touched the stuff. It isn't clear where this produce comes from. Some of it is always a little soft.

Why we dig in: It is easy and there's never a line of longer than one person. Buying fruit from an open-air cart from cart keeper weighing our bananas and mangoes on an old fashioned scale . . . until the cross town bus blasts by you can feel like you're living in a poem. These stands have the best deals on berries too as long as you can use them up the day you buy them.

(Picture: Rodzina)