Serious Party Nibbles: Granola-Crusted Nuts from Smitten Kitchen

Sometimes two common ingredients or recipes are brought together in a delicious marriage and you wonder how it is you hadn't thought of it sooner. This was my exact reaction to Smitten Kitchen's crunchy, toasty, slightly sweet granola-crusted nuts.

This recipe is more than what its name suggests. It's not just your average granola recipe ... with nuts. Unlike most granolas, there's actually no added oil or butter and the use of sugar is minimal. It's simple to put together and highly adaptable (like sesame seeds? Toss them in. Prefer a spoonful of maple syrup? No problem). Because the recipe doesn't rely on oil or sugar for flavor, it's a great breakfast candidate, adding crunch and a bit of intrigue to plain yogurt. We also think they'd be a mighty fine afternoon snack. By the handful. Again and again.

Get the Recipe: Granola-Crusted Nuts

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(Image: Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen)