Look! DIY Tootsie Rolls

You're either a DIY candy person or you're not. I tend to shy away from making my own candy because I've had awful luck with brittles and barks. Generally when there's a candy thermometer involved, I find that things go south pretty quickly. However, when a beloved candy is so easy to recreate at home, like these Tootsie Rolls, I'm sold.

We're no strangers to homemade candy. We've chatted about everything from peanut butter cups to pixie stix. So when Food 52 recently profiled a DIY Tootsie Roll recipe, my ears perked right up.

The recipe itself is simply a mixture of butter, cocoa powder, honey, milk powder and a few other ingredients that you knead into a tacky ball and, almost magically, it starts to look a whole lot like a Tootsie Roll. Most of the ingredients you likely have already in your pantry.

In our house, Tootsie Rolls are a lot like candy corn: no one likes to admit they really love them, but they somehow manage to disappear on their own just fine.

→ Get the recipe: Homemade Tootsie Rolls at Food52

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(Image: Heather Baird for Food 52)