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Last-Minute Hostess Gifts You Can Bake or Make

Image Credit: Nealey Dozier

It's the season for parties — I often feel like December is a series of gatherings to celebrate the holidays, bond with family friends, and keep out of the cold. The succession of shindigs also makes for many opportunities to show gratitude to the host but not always an abundance of time to make that happen. Here I've gathered 11 hostess gifts you can quickly make or bake using commonly found ingredients.

Image Credit: Faith Durand

Whether it's a sweet treat or the practical gift of a filling breakfast, an edible gift to enjoy following the party is a safe bet.

Breakfast for the next day

Something to drink

Yummy butters

Spiced or herbed nuts

Another edible gift idea

Image Credit: Tess Wilson

Herb Bouquets as Hostess Gifts

Or something beautiful