Kitchen Solutions from "Take Home Chef" Curtis Stone

We just noticed that "Take Home Chef" Curtis Stone has his own line of kitchenware. We were introduced to Curtis last spring at the Housewares Show, where he did a bang-up job as spokeschef for Breville products. In fact, we got a video clip of Curtis Stone showing the crowd how to cut a mango.

So we were curious about his new line of products; it seems like every celebrity chef has their own these days. But some of these look fresh and intriguing. Click through for a few we like.

Some of the pieces in this line covered the same old basics: silicone baking sheet, yet another new mortar and pestle. But a few items looked fresh and original.

'Juicy Carving Board, $99.95. This handsome board is made from bamboo and it has a pull-out stainless steel channel to capture the meat juice. We like that this makes it easy to save and use meat juices, but the price is a little steep.

'Go With the Flow' Oil Can, 16-oz., $59.95. We go through quite a lot of olive oil, and we often have it sitting out on the table. A can like this looks beautiful on the table, and it protects oil from the light. But again... price is a bit steep.

'Magnetic Attraction' Silicone Trivet, $14.95. When we first saw this we were like, really? Do we really need a trivet with magnets? But the description was catchy; you can pick up a pot or dish on the table and move it without moving the trivet first. Handy.

Silicone Wafer Baker - But our favorite thing is actually a freebie. Any purchase gets one of these wafer bakers thrown in for free, so you can make pretty stacks and desserts like the one pictured above. They suggest baking tuiles, brandy snap baskets, parmesan crisps and even chocolate wafers in these wafer bakers.

Have you seen any of Curtis Stone's new kitchen line? If so, what do you think?

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