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16 Brilliant Finds Professional Organizers Use (and Love) in the Kitchen

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Ever since the Queen of Uncluttering, Marie Kondo, got her own Netflix series, Americans have become obsessed with Tidying Up. While I'm well overdue for a big closet purge (does this tattered, 10-year-old bathrobe spark joy?), my main concern right now is getting my kitchen in tip-top shape. It's where I spend most of my time, and cooking and eating are my two favorite things, so it's my main priority.

With this in mind, I reached out to a slew of professional organizers for their best tips and must-use products when tackling a not-so-tidy kitchen. (They've seen it all, people.) Thanks to their expert advice, our kitchens (mine and yours!) are going to look like a million bucks. Or at least one that Marie Kondo would approve of!

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1. Expandable Helper Shelf, $7

"This shelf doubler is one of my favorite ways to maximize space in a cabinet and make it easier to grab certain items. No more moving a stack of bowls to reach a plate! This one expands so you can create a custom fit, but here's a pro tip: Measure your space before buying any organizing products. Even just a quarter of an inch can make the difference between something being the perfect fit or a waste of money." — Lisa Zaslow, Gotham Organizers

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2. OXO Good Grips Re-Usable Lid Set, $25 for three

"I love these OXO reusable lids because they turn any bowl or glass into a storage container. They're also sturdy enough so you can stack things on them. They're also great for the environment." — Zaslow

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3. mDesign Modern Plastic Adhesive Mount Kitchen Storage Organizer Bin, $13

"This wrap and bag holder lets you free up a kitchen drawer! Take advantage of wasted space inside a lower cabinet door and just stick it on. Get creative and use these to store cutting boards, trash bags, or anything that fits.." — Zaslow

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4. Ball Jars, $12 for two 2-quart jars

"Get store-bought dried goods (nuts, fruits, seeds, and more) out of their [bulky] packaging and store in multi-size Ball jars. This way, you know what you've got and when something is running low. Plus, everything stays fresh and your cabinets look more streamlined." — Juli Oliver, OrganizeNY

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5. InterDesign Clear Linus Divided Lazy Susan, $17 at The Container Store

"Our team loves this clear lazy Susan to easily store oils and vinegars without having to dig around in the cabinet. It's also a really effective way to store spices." — Amanda Wiss, Urban Clarity

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6. 2-Tier Stainless Steel Lazy Susan, $25 at The Container Store

"Another spice option! We frequently deploy this 2-tier version. It's attractive, easy to assemble, doubles your cabinet space, and can even be left on a counter if space is truly at a premium." — Wiss

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7. Polytherm Undershelf Baskets, $7 at The Container Store

"Another good way to double your cabinet space is to add a few of these under-shelf baskets. They're inexpensive and sturdy and can be used for everything, like coffee mugs or [boxes of] sandwich bags." — Wiss

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8. Bamboo Roll Out Cabinet Drawers, $55 each at The Container Store

"It's rare that a kitchen has enough drawers, so when they don't, we love the look of these bamboo roll-out cabinet drawers. Bamboo is attractive and sustainable and these are incredibly easy to install." — Wiss

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9. OXO Good Grips 10-Piece POP Canister Set, $96

"Enhance any pantry with a set of these pop canisters, which are perfectly stackable and airtight." — Wiss

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10. Silver Mesh Stackable Storage Bins, $13 each at The Container Store

"If you have a recycled grocery bag problem that takes up loads of valuable real estate, these silver stacking bins are super helpful. You can just roll up plastic bags and fold up paper bags and pop them in." — Wiss

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11. Custom Drawer Organizer Strips, $17 at The Container Store

"These are the ultimate DIY for creating perfect kitchen drawers. Use them in any drawer too narrow for regular containers or utensil trays and marvel over how much more effective your drawer space is." — Wiss

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12. madesmart 2-Tier Divided Cabinet Organizer, $23 at The Container Store

"If you're short on space, you need to maximize every inch. We love these two-tier divided cabinet organizers for additional over-the-cabinet storage." — Jamie Hord, Horderly Professional Organizing

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13. Iris Chrome Cookware Organizer, $16

"Stand frying pans upright to save space and make it easier to retrieve what you need. No more unstacking!" — Natalie Schrier, Cut the Clutter

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14. 3M Command Adhesive Hooks, $3.50 for two

"Command sticky hooks are fantastic for all over the house, but I love using them on the lower inside cabinet door for oven mitts and upper cabinets for small oft-used items like measuring spoons and small strainers. The best part is that they're easy to install and can be taken down when you move out." — Laura Cattano, Laura Cattano Organizational Design

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15. InterDesign Fridge Binz Wine Holder, $14

"This has been such a fun product to use for storing water bottles in cabinets! Gone are the days of knocking everything over to find your favorite one." — Ria Safford, RiOrganize

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16. Pyrex Simply Store Rectangular 6-Piece Set, $25

"These can go in your freezer, microwave, oven, or fridge. Get a matching set so everything looks neat and organized." —Barbara Reich, Resourceful Consultants

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