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Kitchen Before & After: From Grungy Ho-Hum to Minty Fresh!

Image Credit: Erin Niehenke Photography | Kitchn

We love it when we come across a delightful kitchen makeover that has a little bit of that wow factor. Erin's 1950s house had a lot of "retro charm" but it had been neglected by the time she bought it as a foreclosure in 2011, and the kitchen in particular suffered from outdated and dingy cabinets, appliances, and floors.

But after a few really stellar upgrades —including a stenciled floor and a gorgeous blue-green paint job — it's an entirely new space! See what Erin's kitchen looks like now — we said, "Wow!"

Image Credit: Erin Niehenke Photography | Kitchn

What a change! We just love that blue-green wall color. (You may remember we pegged that as a hot new color in the kitchen last year.) Erin notes that the biggest impact in the kitchen was applying a ton of paint everywhere! "I don’t think we left a single surface untouched," she writes on her blog. Besides painting the wall, Erin covered the fake brick and the old cabinets in a fresh coat of white paint, updated all the appliances, and completely redid the floors in a stencil pattern.

Image Credit: Erin Niehenke Photography | Kitchn
Image Credit: Erin Niehenke Photography | Kitchn

As Erin writes on her blog:

The floor was probably the most tedious part of the entire kitchen update. It started with peeling old linoleum off of the plywood subfloor, which of course required very nasty chemicals to get all of the glue off. Then it needed to be wood puttied, sanded down a bit, and finally primed and painted. This part of the process has been done for a while, but we needed to wait until the rest was done to finish the painting and stenciling part. I’m glad we waited – the floor got pretty scratched up moving things around, and it had more than a couple paint drips on it!
Image Credit: The Kitchn | Kitchn

See more photos of Erin's kitchen and read more about the project at her blog:

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Thanks for letting us share this, Erin!

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