Is This the World's Most Beautiful Picnic Basket?

Say hello to the beautiful Multi Basket Picnic Basket, designed by Danish brand Menu. Compact and elegant, it's heralded as "the ideal mobile device for all things delicious" — which, if you think about it, is kind of a hilarious way to describe a picnic basket...

The Multi Basket has a few neat picnic-like features: two air-tight containers on one side have bamboo lids that double as butter boards, and the basket comes with two cooling pads and a felt liner.

But let's get real: as gorgeous as this piece is, I have a hard time accepting it as a functional picnic basket. It's really a tray, and better suited to life as a pretty serving piece rather than a "mobile device" for an al fresco lunch. However, seeing as how it's labeled as a picnic basket, I hereby grant it the title of the most beautiful picnic basket around!

Find It → Menu's Multi Basket Picnic Basket, $150 at A+R