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Is Homemade Vegetable Stock Worth the Trouble?

Image Credit: Emma Christensen

Last week one of the editors at Food52 declared that she just doesn't find it worth it to make vegetable stock from scratch.

It's an interesting discussion, since you do have to buy vegetables specifically to be used in the stock, in addition to using scraps that you might otherwise discard.

The author does make the point that for specialty vegetable stocks, like Parmesan, corn cob, or kelp, it's worth it to take the time to make your own. But otherwise, it's not a cost- or time-effective step in the kitchen.

Before you read the full version, be forewarned that the writer does mention a product, and it comes off as a bit of a sales pitch. That said, we thought it was an interesting discussion, and would love to know whether you take the time to make vegetable stock, or if you stick to making homemade poultry, beef, or fish stocks instead.

And if you're looking for a recipe to try your hand at homemade vegetable stock, we have that for you, too.