Introducing dio: A New Site That Lets You Make and Explore Unique Places

We recently played around a little with dio, a new website that lets you make and explore unique places based on anything. On dio, a place can be anything — a city, a street, an event, a house, a room within that house, even an idea or theme. dio lets you explore, share, and interact with all your favorite places, filling them with pictures, video, text, even interactive objects. The Kitchn recently created our own place — Favorite Kitchen Styles — and filled it with six kitchens in six different styles that you can "walk" through, checking out the details along the way. Here's more about how it works:

Image Credit: Bethany Nauert

For our Favorite Kitchen Styles on dio we posted six rooms that represent a distinctive style. Enter our place, and then click through different rooms to see detailed shots of each style. 

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

You can be as creative as you want with dio. They have easy-to-use tools for designing the way you want to share your place with the world. Expand your space with connected rooms or make it come alive with interactive objects that visitors and readers can pick up and use, like locks, keys, or characters. You could even create a whole storyline with dio, having characters walk through different rooms or places. Fun!

As dio says, the site is "not just a way to explore, connect or create - it’s an online world of possibilities. You never know who you’ll meet, where you'll go or what you'll make."

→ Check out our Favorite Kitchen Styles place on dio!

→ Sign up for your own account here!