Inspiration: White Plates at the Thanksgiving Table

White dishware might be what you pull out when you're entertaining over the Thanksgiving holiday. Many of us have simple whites in the largest quantity in our households, as they're versatile and can be inexpensive. So, how to fancy them up a bit for Thanksgiving?

We like whites best when mixed into a rustic table setting. From heavy old wooden tables to wood planks as placemats or centerpieces (see images 6 & 7), we think white dishware really comes alive when its stark simplicity is placed against something a little bit rough.

Using white dishware is also a chance to really showcase the food you've worked so hard in preparing. After all, it's the meal that's really at the heart of the day, anyway!

How do you dress up your whites for Thanksgiving?

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(Images: Emilia Ceramics, Eddie Ross, Oh Darling! via Merci, Pottery Barn, House Beautiful, Design Sherpa, Dandelion & Grey, Karen Mordechai/Sunday Suppers, Lucas Allen/Country Living)