Inspiration: The Breakfast Manifesto

As we've told you before, we're always looking for breakfast inspiration, and ways to make the most perfunctory meal of the day more interesting. That's why we were thrilled to get New York Magazine's "breakfast manifesto" issue yesterday.

Though the mag generally focuses on local topics, non-New Yorkers who love breakfast should check out this week's issue online.

We started with their opinions on the best eggs and the best bacon. Their list includes not only greenmarket pricey brands but also eggs and bacon you can find on your supermarket shelves.

Another light article is the "What I Ate This Morning" a 60-person poll, intriguing for the nosy amongst us. (We've already told you how we like spying on what other people eat. We're surprised at how complicated many of these breakfasts are - we think of New Yorkers as too busy to grab anything but coffee in the morning.

Those of you who do stop with a cup of joe should check out the two longer feature articles, the Breakfast Manifesto itself, and The Guide to Caffeine Addiction. While the manifesto dives into the science of why it's important to eat breakfast, the caffeine article tries to untangle the conflicting advice about caffeine, and understand why we're consuming so much more of it these days. We found it so interesting, we almost missed our subway stop while reading it. Then again, we hadn't had our morning coffee yet.

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