Inexpensive Gift Packaging Idea: Use Paper Ice Cream Containers

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Finding affordable, airtight containers to package food gifts in a pretty way is one of the challenges of giving homemade treats. Plain white soup or ice cream containers fit the bill — they're sturdy yet lightweight, and are ready to be decorated however you like.

In addition to the usual holiday treats — cookies, candy, granola — these containers can be used to give more perishable treats like cookie dough, or even homemade ice cream or soup as hostess gifts. Lightweight and unbreakable, they also seem like an especially good choice for sending shelf-stable treats in the mail.

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

And the decorating options are endless. Keep it simple with a printed label and ribbon or dress it up with pompoms, bakers twine and colorful paper tags. You can find the containers in bulk at restaurant supply stores for cheap, or in smaller quantities online.

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(Images: Garnish; Fraeulein Klein)