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Here's What Ina Garten Is Making for New Year's Eve

Image Credit: The Kitchn

The bubbly is cold, the cheese is coming to room temp, and you have your best party outfit on (a shimmering gold top is always a good idea). You are officially ready for whatever festivities are going on tonight. Or at least I hope you are? If you're still looking for some inspiration for a last-minute New Year's Eve party at home, take it from Ina Garten and go for something totally classy and rustic.

Today on Instagram our Queen shared a glimpse of her New Year's Eve table, complete with a gorgeous bouquet of purple flowers and a elegant tablecloth — also with purple flowers. In the comments, a few people asked Ina what she was making that night and the menu sounds exactly like you think it would. "I'm making potato galettes with smoked salmon" she told one commenter. "Lemon capellini with caviar from The Barefoot Contessa cookbook," she told another inquirer.

Get the recipe: Lemon Capellini with Caviar from The Food Network

So basically Ina is eating a bunch of caviar, smoked fish, and dreamy carbs. Sounds like the absolute best way to end the year, right?

She then proceeded to share this incredible photo of an apple tart. "Jeffrey asked for a French apple tart," she explains. Wow, same Ina!

Get the recipe: French Apple Tart from The Food Network

If Ina's menu doesn't get you inspired, I don't know what will. Follow her lead and you know that 2019 will be a great year – or at the very least, a great year in the kitchen.