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Did Ina Garten Inspire Le Creuset to Re-Release This Discontinued Color?

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Nothing in life paralyzes me with indecision more than picking out the color of kitchen tools. Le Creuset Dutch ovens come in a veritable rainbow of colors, so you can choose a look that reflects your unique personality and tell the whole world who you are as a human being. That's the problem: Who am I? Le Creusets are expensive items designed to be used forever. But personal style doesn't last forever. I'm lucky if I can go three weeks without throwing away my entire wardrobe and reinventing myself as a mall goth.

How am I supposed to know what color Le Creuset I will want in 10 years? I'm still in a fight with my past self for putting so many shot glasses on our wedding registry in 2007. That's why, when committing to something expensive and long-lasting like a Le Creuset Dutch oven, it helps to find a person you like — and then just copy them. Julia Child famously loved the Flame color, and that one is a classic. But according to Refinery29, Le Creuset just announced that it is re-releasing Dune, an elegant, sandy neutral that was discontinued years ago, and Ina Garten fans are going to want to check it out.

"This Spring, we're bringing the original neutral, Dune, back from the archives exclusively at Le Creuset Outlet Stores," Le Creuset announced on Instagram.

Normally I am resistant to the idea of neutrals, but these warm, marshmallow-colored Dutch ovens suddenly made me think of somewhere else I'd seen a classic ivory Le Creuset: on Ina Garten's new oven.

And in 2013 Smitten Kitchen's Deb Perelman visited Ina Garten's Hamptons home, and she posted a photo of eight Le Creusets that look just like these new Dune ones.

Image Credit: Smitten Kitchen

"With soft, neutral tones of fresh cream, sugar cane, and eggshell, Dune is a standout color that blends beautifully into nearly every kitchen setting," Le Creuset says. In some lights Dune looks white, but it is not white. It would look good in an all-white kitchen, but also a cozy farmhouse. If you moved from New York to Paris and then to rural Vermont, Dune would look just as good in every kitchen.

I'm starting to see why style experts always tell us to choose neutral colors when making big purchases.

Le Creuset calls Dune "a French classic," which you could basically use to describe Ina Garten's entire life. I imagine it sitting on a $15,000 French range next to some fresh peonies, and now my gaudy, tacky self is totally sold on this elegant, neutral Le Creuset color.

Always be yourself. If you can't do that, just be Ina Garten.

Dune is only available at Le Creuset outlets, which is good because it will be a little less expensive than normal, but it also means you'll have to go find a physical store if you want to buy one. For a list of Le Creuset outlet locations, click here.

What do you think of Le Creuset's Dune cookware?