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I'm Obsessed with Sorority Chef Instagram Feeds

Image Credit: @cookingwithclaire/ Instagram

When I want to find some next-level meal-planning inspiration on Instagram, I don't dive into fitness feeds or the #mealprep hashtag. And I don't look for the glossy, perfectly photographed food feeds where you wonder if anyone actually eats the meticulous dish you're drooling over. I look for chefs churning out a week's worth of meals with passion, grit, and a Costco membership.

I look for sorority chefs.

Confession: I had no idea that some sororities have chefs. I assumed that sorority sisters had to choose their meals from the steaming-hot cafeteria trays and limp salad bars like the rest of the collegiate masses. But for some lucky sorority sisters, there are no soggy burgers or weirdly pillowy pizzas come dinnertime. Instead, there are DIY grain bowls with hard-boiled quail eggs, Gouda-mascarpone-parmesan grits with fresh figs, and cinnamon rolls made from scratch.

The #sororitychef hashtag is a treasure trove of attainable food porn. More than once, a scroll through @cookingwithclaire (my personal favorite, and not just because we share a name) has redirected my salad-making or led me to a Smitten Kitchen recipe I hadn't tried yet.

There's something so satisfying to me about cooking for a crowd, and watching that play out on these feeds every single day is a joy. This is also a space where you can see a lot of weekly menu planning that's focused on having fun with cooking and food. Sorority chefs will share their weekly menus, and you'll often see shots of them flipping through cookbooks and scribbling notes to get inspired for the week ahead.

A lot of #mealprep or #foodprep content is geared towards fitness and nutrition. And while there's nothing wrong with that, if you, like me, get a weird amount of enjoyment out of simply watching the creation of massive meals, #sororitychef is a better fit for your food-focused Instagram scrolling.

Want to dig into a few accounts right away? Start with my two favorites: @cookingwithclaire and @the.greek.goddess.