Storage Canister: IKEA's RARITET Jars

We noticed these plastic RARITET jars on our last visit to the Swedish giant, and they piqued our curiosity. We're always on the lookout for better storage solutions, and we think that these plastic jars have several things going for them. But we're curious if anyone has tried them?

Here are the things that seem (potentially) postive about these jars:

• Tall and narrow, great for fitting in little apartment cupboards.

• Easy to grasp and pull out.

• Built-in measuring cup.

• Gradation markings, so it's easier to see how much sugar, flour, or rice you have left.

What do you think? Are these canisters a good storage solution?

RARITET Canisters, $9.99 for 2 qt, $12.99 for 3 qt. In IKEA stores only.

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(Images: IKEA; Faith Durand)