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Ideas for Nutritious, Creative, IBD-Friendly Recipes?

Image Credit: Sara Kate Gillingham

Q: As an IBD sufferer with a picky eater for a boyfriend, I have a hard time finding new recipes that are interesting and nutritious, while still being safe for me to eat and satisfying for my other half. Most food blogs focus on healthy eating, which inevitably means recipes built on high-fiber ingredients. Any ideas?

On the other hand, my symptoms are relatively mild, so I find recipes intended for IBD patients to be far too restrictive, not to mention bland and boring.

I would love any suggestions for creative, nutritious, filling snacks and meals ( dinner, in particular) that are relatively low in fiber, not spicy, use little to no meat (fish included) or high-fat dairy products, such as sour cream, and do not contain any vegetables in the nightshade family (tomatoes, eggplant, etc.). It's trickier than it sounds!

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Editor: Readers, any recipes suggestions for Alexandra?

(Pictured: Iranian Jeweled Rice Salad)

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