How Pinterest Thinks You Should Make S'mores

Image Credit: engnatalie | Kitchn

What you think S’mores are, and what Pinterest knows S’mores to be, are two very different things. You might have grown up with the standard graham cracker, Hershey bar, and marshmallow combo over a fire, but things have changed. A quick search on Pinterest makes things very clear: S’mores’ identity has matured and grown in a way your childhood dreams failed to imagine.

Give a warm, hearty welcome to cakes, rice crispy treats, popsicles, and French toast that have taken on a new, gooey role for dessert.

These imaginative desserts pose a serious questions: have s'mores broken free of their campfire role and now can only be identified by their three magical ingredients? Is anything with marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker considered a s'more?

If you're more of a purist looking for simple twists on the classic, however, check out Faith's backyard S'mores gathering she hosted for her sister's birthday last summer.

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What are your favorite, crazy ways to eat s'mores during the summer (or all year long like me)?