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How Do I Get Rid of the White Residue on My Dishes?

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Q: I have the white residue on my dishes after using the dishwasher. I was reading the advice from readers and will try the vinegar next. I have had the water tested ... we don't have hard water. I have cleaned the dishwasher running a dishwasher cleaner and tried vinegar.

I checked the drainage system, and it is fine. At the moment I would like to get the white filmy stuff off my dishes. I have tried washing them by hand, but the residue returns when they dry. It is all over my pots and pans and any Tupperware type stuff in the top rack. I have scrubbed with a scrubber and it still comes back. Any more ideas? I will try vinegar in my hand-washing water too to see if it helps.

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Editor: White streaks on dishes are one my biggest kitchen pet peeves. We've covered this topic in the past, and readers have offered up some great solutions for dealing with this issue. Take a look at the original post and be sure to spend some time digging through the comments — there are quite a few gems in there.

The Original Question: Help! My Dishwasher Leaves a White Residue on My Dishes

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