What Olympians Eat

How Cyclist Jamie Whitmore Eats for the Paralympics

Image Credit: Joe Kusumoto

The Olympics may be over, but there's more action to come in Rio. We're talking about the Paralympics, which run from September 7 to 18. The competitors in these games aren't just amazing athletes — they're also incredible people who have overcome obstacles and still manage to bring it on the world stage. We asked them to share what they eat on a daily basis. Here's what we found out.

Jamie Whitmore

Age: 40
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Event: Paralympic Cycling
Training Regimen: Two to five days of cycling, two days of strength training, and two to three days of core.

Jamie Whitmore is a natural competitor. Since the age of 5, she's dabbled in swimming, softball, volleyball, and track. In 2001, she started cycling, taking home 37 Xterra wins, six national titles, and one world title.

However, Jamie faced her biggest rivalry in 2008 when she was diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. The next few years were spent dealing with hospitals, chemotherapy, surgeries, and infections. After three years (and two sons), Jamie was cancer-free and ready to get back on the bike.

In 2012, Jamie won her first Paralympic national title and now she's headed to Rio. After taking on cancer, four rounds of road and track racing should be a piece of cake, right?

Jamie's Daily Eating Routine

Jamie says she starts every day with a white chocolate mocha. Then, breakfast is either oatmeal with brown sugar, almonds, and raisins, or eggs, toast, and turkey bacon. She sometimes mixes things up with French toast or pancakes, but you can always count on fruit and orange juice to be part of her morning routine.

A mid-morning snack may include Clif bloks, gels, or bars. Depending on her morning ride, she'll also have a recovery drink and a coconut water.

When lunchtime rolls around, Jamie needs something that can adapt to her on-the-go lifestyle. "I'm always on the fly for lunch, so it's got to be something I've made," she says. That could be PB&J or SunButter with bananas and honey, as well as almonds, yogurt, and fruit. "I'm very much into moving, so lunch always goes with me."

In the afternoon, there's always more fruit to be had. "If it's summer, it's blueberries, strawberries, apples, melons, watermelon," Jamie says. "I love plums. We have a plum tree. I'm a huge fruit-lover."

Jamie loves making dinner with her husband. The menu could include turkey tacos, elk fajitas, or tri-tip and sweet potatoes, along with a vegetable. "I will honestly eat all day long," she says.

Favorite Cheat Meal: White Chocolate Mocha

"I'm not a fan of coffee, but I love a white chocolate mocha," she says.

Rio Must-Eat: Açaí

"I discovered it about 10 years ago and was absolutely hooked. I visited Brazil in 2005 and raced there and drank açaí," Jamie says. "I also loved their barbecue. They're big meat eaters."

Watch Jamie Whitmore compete in Rio, when Cycling at the 2016 Paralympic Games starts on Thursday, September 8.