What Olympians Eat

How BMX Rider Nic Long Eats for the Olympics

Image Credit: Kurt Pickard

The Olympics are here — neither Zika, nor heat wave, nor presidential impeachment, nor plumbing woes could keep this age-old competition from moving forward. We're planning marathon Olympic-watching sessions, of course, but all these amazing athletes got us thinking about what it takes to fuel such terrific prowess — in the pool, on the field, in the ring. We asked 10 athletes to share what they eat on a daily basis. Here's what we found out.

Nic Long

Age: 26
Hometown: Lakeside, CA
Event: BMX Cycling
Training Regimen: Four to six hours every day, except Sundays

Two-time Olympian Nic Long has BMX in his blood. His dad Donavon is also a racer, who first introduced Nic and his two sisters to BMX on a track close to the family's childhood home.

Nic has parlayed his passion into medals in the Pan American Games (2011, 2015) and the 2016 UCI BMX World Championships — and into a thriving business. He is the owner of Idol Hand Gloves, a company that makes racing gloves adorned with tattoo-inspired artwork.

Nic's Daily Eating Routine

The racer starts his day with oatmeal topped with strawberries and blueberries, followed by toast with an egg and avocado.

At snack time, Nic typically has a protein shake. Shortly after, he'll scarf down a big lunch, usually a burrito bowl, packed with rice, chicken, black beans, corn, and vegetables.

Dinner is just as healthy — grilled chicken topped with avocado, along with hefty sides of broccoli and Brussels sprouts — although he does have a guilty pleasure.

Favorite Cheat Food: Fruit Roll-Ups

"I go through boxes of Fruit Roll-Ups each month," Nic admits.

Rio Must-Eat: Coconuts

"I was there last year a bit and the steak houses are fun," he says. "But I really like the fresh coconuts along the beaches."

Watch Nic Long compete in Rio, when the Men's BMX event starts on Wednesday, August 17.