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Homestead Dreams? Skip the Chickens and Raise These Tiny Critters Instead

Do you miss the days spent peering into your thriving ant farm, and feel nostalgic for simpler times? Have you ever dreamed of owning a farm and raising livestock, but find that you lack the land (not to mention the time) to do it? Well, you're in luck. It's time you discovered the distinct joy that is mealworm farming.

Thanks to a new product called the Hive, you'll soon be able to grow generations of mealworms right on your kitchen counter. All you have to do is drop live beetles (which come with the kit) into the structure, add in some kitchen scraps, and then harvest their mealworm offspring after they've matured. I mean, really — it doesn't get any more local than this. They're like sea monkeys you can eat!

I suppose now that we've established the how, the next thing I have to do is ask is would you? Personally, the thought of raising a colony of bugs in my house makes me a little squeamish, but I could probably be convinced to try them. Apparently they taste a lot like a peanut when they're roasted, but I'd prefer to try them ground up and added to a smoothie or a muffin before I tried them whole. What do you think? Are you ready to add more bugs to your diet?