Printable Holiday Gift Tags from the Cottage Industrialist

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Are you thinking about baking up some holiday gifts for friends and coworkers? Even a loaf of bread can be such a warm and thoughtful gift — especially if it's dressed up all snazzy. And we have something to help you with that part of it, courtesy of reader Cameron, who blogs at Cottage Industrialist. She has printable tags for all your baked gifts and good things!

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Cameron initially created these tags for a bake sale at her son's school. She says:

I designed strips of patterned paper with blank ends; on one blank end I put the name of the item's name and on the other I put the item's ingredients. Because people at the bake sale and my blog's readers responded so strongly to the packaging, I made available a series of customizeable PDFs.

These PDFs are super easy to print out and use, and she even created another set of holiday-themed tags too. Get them here:

PDF Bake Sale Tags

Thanks so much, Cameron! These will be a great treat for many of our readers.


(Images: Ampersand Industries // David Mandel)