Holiday Cookies: Thumbprints with Pumpkin Marmalade

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

We love to play with the fillings in our favorite thumbprint cookies (membrillo, anyone?) This time, we tried one of the recipes from our 10 things to do with a can of pumpkin roundup – pumpkin marmalade with apricots and ginger.

First, we'll make one caveat: The pumpkin marmalade isn't going to melt and spread on the cookies like a regular jam. It will have a creamier, less shiny texture. But if you're OK with that, it's a nice alternative. You should also use a bit more than you would of a regular jam.

The recipe calls for orange marmalade, but we used apricot preserves instead. We also bumped up the ginger a bit. The results were quite tasty! It gave our cookies a little something unexpected.

If you make the marmalade, you'll notice that the recipe says to bring the ingredients to a boil. The mixture is quite thick, so it won't exactly "boil," but it will begin to bubble and will reduce after it simmers for a few minutes.

And if you're looking for a good thumbprint cookie recipe, we found one from Gourmet that we really liked. So buttery! The recipe is actually for little trios of thumbprints with three different jams. They're so cute, but we went with the classic single cookie, rolled in chopped walnuts.

What's your favorite thumbprint filling?

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(Images: Joanna Miller)