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Here Are the Top Thanksgiving Trends on Pinterest This Year

Image Credit: The Blond Cook

If you want to know what you'll be eating at Thanksgiving, check out your host's Pinterest page. More than 750 million holiday recipes and ideas are saved on Pinterest every year. Now Pinterest has just released a report of the top Thanksgiving trends for 2017, based on the activity of users on the site.

Millions of people are planning their Thanksgiving menus and holiday decorations by saving ideas on Pinterest right now. Based on all those pins, these are the biggest Thanksgiving food trends of 2017.

Image Credit: One Little Project

Small Bites

When a lot of people are coming over to celebrate, making a big casserole seems like the logical choice. But sometimes smaller plates are the way to go. This year appetizers and small bites are trending, and pins and saves of small party foods are up more than 400 percent over last year. This is especially true any sort of miniaturized dessert, like tiny apple pie bites and pumpkin pie pops.

Image Credit: Wholesome Yum

Keto Holiday Recipes

This one is a surprise, because Thanksgiving is usually associated with stuffing oneself full of comfort foods, but this year people are pinning the heck out of keto-friendly holiday recipes. The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat, moderate-protein diet, and it is booming. Keto recipes are up 4460 percent over this time last year, and people are going nuts for things like keto-friendly stuffing and Paleo cranberry sauce.

Image Credit: Eating on a Dime

Simple Recipes for Large Groups

Small bites and pie pops are adorable, but they're very labor-intensive, and not everybody is looking to do a lot of work this holiday. On the other end of the spectrum, people are looking for big, low-effort recipes that will feed a ton of people as efficiently as possible. Why make four regular-sized pies when you can make one enormous slab pie that will feed everybody? Pressure cooker recipes are up 1066 percent, and people are even using their Instant Pots to mull wine and cider and make mashed potatoes.

Image Credit: My Gluten-Free Kitchen


Thanksgiving is about traditions, and that includes the classic spread with turkey, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, and buttery dinner rolls. Sure, those dinner rolls might be gluten-free this year — gluten-free dinner rolls have been pinned 41,000 times, more than any other dinner roll — but people want the classic dishes they remember. Traditional Thanksgiving recipes are making a big comeback.

Check out the full Pinterest Holiday trend report here.