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Help Me Recreate This Mystery Meal From Iraq!

Image Credit: Magdalena Zurawska/Shutterstock
Q: Years ago a friend from Iraq made me a mouthwatering and incredibly simple dish, consisting of white beans cooked with some small fruits that looked like miniature, dried, shrunken limes (skins and all). We ate the beans using a wonderful Turkish flat bread instead of forks. It was awesome! 

But silly me, I never asked how to recreate this meal. I have no idea what the little citrusy fruits were, and the internet has not turned up anything. Does anyone have any insights? Perhaps this is a traditional Iraqi meal? If it helps, my friend was Kurdish. I'd love to hear your wisdom!

Sent by Marlene

Editor: Readers, have you ever eaten a meal like the one Marlene describes? Do you have any recipes or information to help her recreate this dish?

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(Image: Magdalena Zurawska/Shutterstock)