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Help Me Brainstorm Creative, Seasonal Ideas for Cream Pies!

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Q: My husband has challenged me to make a different cream pie every month for a year. I've already done a butterscotch cream pie for August, and I'm envisioning chocolate, banana, and coconut cream pies in our future. But I'd love some creative (and seasonal) ideas for the other eight months.

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Does anyone have killer cream pie ideas?

Incidentally, I did clarify that, at least in my husband's world, "cream pie" means "crust with a pudding or custard filling" and it does not necessarily need to be topped with whipped cream. (Photo attached is of a slice of that butterscotch cream pie I made.)

Sent by Ann

Editor: Ann — YUM! What a delicious project!

Readers, any ideas or tips for Ann? I'm thinking peanut butter, for sure...

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