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Help! Is There a Good Substitute for Fresh Lemon Juice?

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Q: I just moved to Anchorage, AK for my husband's job. I am a major fan of using fresh lemon and lime juice in my cooking, but I've just learned that the lemons and limes here are terrible quality because they've been shipped so far. Is there a good substitute for fresh citrus juice?

Is bottled juice anywhere near as good? I was on board with the long winter nights and endless summer days, but this is too much. Help!

Sent by Victoria

Editor: Victoria, how about getting a few good-quality vinegars shipped to you? They won't be an exact replacement for fresh citrus juice, but they will give you the acidity you're looking for, and might improve the taste of bottled citrus juice.

Readers, do you have any advice for finding substitutes for fresh lemon and lime juice?

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