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Should I (and How Can I) Self-Cater a Big Holiday Party?

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Q:  I'm planning a holiday party for my husband's visual effects company. We just moved into a really cool office space, and I want to utilize it for the party. We're fortunate to have a fully outfitted kitchen, but I don't want to take on all the food myself. We're planning to buy most of the beverages ourselves and hire a licensed bartender to serve. I'm going to need a rental company for a bar, glasses, plates and silverware.

Do you have any tips on how to make the most of our kitchen to do some of the catering ourselves, and have a professional do the rest of it? Or would I be better off just having food delivered and hiring my own servers?

Sent by Jennie

Editor: Jennie, it's hard for us to say exactly what you should do, although if you want to really enjoy your own party, we do suggest buying at least some of the food! Here are some past posts on self-catering from the site:

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Readers, any thoughts and advice for Jennie?

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