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Can You Help Me Find This Pull-Apart Bread Recipe?

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Q: I need help with a lost recipe, and before Thanksgiving rolls around. When I was younger my mom used to make this bread called Pull-Apart Bread, or at least that's what we thought it was called. However, since then we have lost the recipe and have not been able to find one anywhere!

I've Googled the life out of it and was hoping maybe you could help? It's a loaf of bread (not a circle bundt thing). It's also not sweet. I'm not sure if you have any idea what I'm talking about, but I figured I'd ask!

Sent by Anya

Editor: Anya, we wonder if you might have more luck searching for "pull-apart loaf" or "pull-apart rolls." But we think that this loaf looks rather promising — is this anything like what you remember?

Sourdough Bluecheese Pullapart Loaf at Northwest Sourdough

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(Image: Northwest Sourdough)