Good Question: What To Do With Chicken Fat?

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Here's a good question from reader Andrea. She writes: Yesterday I cleaned out my freezer and made stock out of a few chicken carcasses I had in there. Today as I was skimming the fat off, I wondered if you have any suggestions for what to do with the schmaltz?

I often throw it out, give it to the cats, or save it thinking I can use it for something...but then don't. Ideas?

Andrea, chicken fat can be used for frying meat and vegetables, greasing roasting pans, and adding a little chicken flavor to dishes. We would probably shy away from using chicken fat to fry an entire meal, but we do like the idea of using small pats (like butter) to flavor an otherwise vegetarian dish. Rice and steamed vegetables, for instance, or noodles with squash.

Other ideas for Andrea? How do you use up chicken fat?

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