Good Question: Great Fakeout Food Ideas?

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Here's a fun question from Lorysa!

My birthday is coming up and I'm planning a "Through the Rabbit Hole" themed party. I'd like to serve nothing but trompe-l'œil foods, such as a birthday cake made of meatloaf, and "spaghetti and meatballs" that's really made of cake. However I'm really stuck for other ideas. Do you know of any other great "tastyfake" recipes or ideas?

We never in a million years thought we'd ever post a photo of McDonald's french fries on this blog. Fortunately, we still haven't: those supposed fries above are actually toasted pound cake strips with raspberry dipping sauce!

There are lots of good ideas like this one in this Flickr set we found. It includes the ubiquitous meatloaf cake, and we must say it's one of the prettier ones:

Food masquerade party - Be warned, though: there's plenty of gross-out stuff in this Halloween party spread, too.

Most food ideas like this, Lorysa, are indeed either tied to Halloween or April Fool's Day, and they often involve that gross-out factor. (Litterbox cake? Gag.) So we do challenge you to do this tastefully; surely there are plenty of beautiful and inspiring ways to make food look like something else. Think of those famous medieval feasts with sculptures of food shaped like fish and swans.

Or you can just stick with a bowl of cereal, like this one:

Is This Really a Bowl of Cereal? - It's not, but it actually does sound pretty good.

Here are a couple more online resources for "tastyfake" food:

April Fools' Day Dinner - Includes candy bars that look like fishsticks.
April Fools' Day Food Pranks - Including a fake fried egg, green beans made out of Jolly Ranchers, and pretend grilled cheese.

Any more ideas for Lorysa?

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(Image: Flickr member yi licensed for use under Creative Commons)