Good Product: Kaiser Alfi Modern Classic Carafe

I have been complaining about my coffee carafe quite a bit lately. It has been kind of a pain to use, and then we got soap stuck in it seemingly forever. Well, this giant carafe is still in my household cupboard, but it's reserved for company dinners now. There's a new carafe on the table, and I love it.

Several readers recommended the Alfi brand of carafes in those earlier threads, and I ended up buying one of their cheaper versions for my husband's birthday. It's little, and yellow, and it just holds a full French press of coffee. It's much, much lighter than the old carafe, and it's easier to clean. It doesn't make weird sounds when the lid is half open (that old one squealed).

This particular carafe, the Kaiser Modern Classic, has an outer shell of plastic, but that plastic never comes into contact with the coffee, except when pouring. There is an inner glass shell completely insulated from the outer layer. This double construction keeps the coffee very hot, and the plastic exterior keeps the cost down and also allows for some really fun colors. (There's even a transparent model.)

We've had this on the breakfast table for a week now, and we just love it. It keeps the coffee hot for hours and hours, and it's much more usable than that old model. The old one is bigger and holds more, so we'll continue to use when we need to brew two pots at a time for dinners, but this new Alfi is the breakfast table winner.

This carafe is available from Amazon in red and green, but you can also find it on eBay in many more colors.

Find it: Kaiser Alfi Modern Classic Carafe, $32 at Amazon

Do you have an Alfi carafe?

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