Good Milk: Snowville Creamery

Here's a head's up for our Ohio readers. See that lovely logo on the milk carton above? Look for that - it will lead you to some of the best milk you've ever tasted.

Snowville Creamery is located in southeastern Ohio, and they operate on a Same Day Dairy model. Their milk and cream are all bottled on the farm the same day the cows are milked and delivered to their grocer outlets within one day.

Their products are all sterilized, but the milk is not homogenized. This means that you need to shake the carton vigorously to incorporate the cream before pouring, or else you get thin milk with a layer of fatty cream on top. This doesn't change the taste in any way; in fact, we find this rather delicious.

The milk is just amazing; it tastes fresh, clear, and a little grassy in a way that is completely absent from other milk we've had. Snowville uses a less energy-intensive sterilization process that gives its milk less shelf life but a greater volume of flavor and freshness.

If you're in the central Ohio area, look out for this creamery! We found the milk and cream at our greengrocer and now we've spotted it at local farmers markets.

Do you buy milk or cream from a local creamery? If so, tell us in the comments and let others in your area know where they can find good, fresh, organic milk.

Snowville Creamery Website

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