Good Eats: The Ultimate Coffee Cup

Since coffee is our big thing this week, we reached back into the archives over at Serious Eats to see what our friends there had to say about coffee. We found good stuff - it looks like they need their java jolt too. Our favorite find was this cup, labeled the "Ultimate Coffee Cup" by its creator...

• Artist David Piers created this cup to meet his criteria for the perfect, ultimate coffee cup. Get all the details over at Serious Eats, including how you too can get an ultimate coffee cup.

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Coffee Shops that Use Clover Coffee Brewers - Looking for one of those elusive Clovers that brew such wonderful coffee? We're lucky to have one close by - you may too. Check out the guide on finding Clovers.

Painting With Coffee - Whole galleries of food, wildlife, and flowers, painted in coffee.

Illustrated Guide for Espresso Noobs - Just what it says.