Good Question: What Can I Bake Without An Oven?

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All this talk of baking is hard on reader Adrienne - she has no oven right now!

I have recently moved to Europe and our apartment does not have an oven. I would love love love to be able to ask your readers for their best no-oven dessert/snack/treat recipes. Any stove-top only tips to help fill the void of cookies and scone and other baked goodies?

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Adrienne, that is a predicament! But you needn't be limited to no-bake cookies and puddings. Have you considered a toaster oven? Check out the entire meal the author cooked in this NY Times article from last summer: No One Ever Slaved Over a Hot Toaster Oven.

You can buy very sleek and powerful countertop toaster ovens that may satisfy your cravings for sweet baked things. We've talked about good countertop ovens a couple of times:

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As far as non-baked treats go, we suggest several creamy treats:

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Also, a plain panna cotta with poached fruit is always delicious and welcome. You can also make no-bake cookies, which usually involve cooking a sugar syrup with chocolate or peanut butter, mixing in oats or cereal, and scooping out into small cookies that harden at room temperature. These are delicious and often wonderfully nostalgic treats. Try a Google search on no-bake cookies and you should find plenty of recipes. We also like our Peanut Butter Popcorn for a quick sweet treat.

More non-baked-baked-goods suggestions for Adrienne?

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