Good Eats: Leeks with Asian Vinaigrette

Every week we round up our favorite bits of home cooking and eating from our friends at Serious Eats. This week they encourage us to grill indoors, and they've got one of our favorite vegetables on the menu. To see more about this yummy dish, plus a zombie Hello Kitty cake, a new shorter cereal box, and a loaded Super Bowl snack, read on.

Indoor Grilling: Leeks with Asian Vinaigrette - Adapted from Mark Bittman, and intended to be an accompaniment to Korean-style steaks. All of which sound very good to us.

Hello Kitty Zombie Birthday Cake - This baker's dislike of Hello Kitty must be very strong. Note the black eyes.

Meat Lite: Spicy Cashew Pork - Yum! And hey, this is right up our alley this month.

Kellogg's Testing a Shorter, Fatter Cereal Box Design - The new box would fit more easily into pantries, and it also would mean an 8% reduction in raw materials needed.

Super Bowl Snacks: Loaded Baked Potato Potato Chip Nachos - Whoa. This is in the big leagues of snacking.

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(Image: Joshua Bousel for Serious Eats)