Daily Find 05.06.16

Go Countertop Sleek with This Paper Towel Holder

One of the ugliest yet most-used items on my kitchen counter is my paper towel holder. (Yes, I attempt to go mostly green, but sometimes you just need a paper towel.) I've tried different ones, but because most of them are plastic, they inevitably break, which is why I'm now considering this sleek Danish version made from leather and wood.

Image Credit: Hello Little Birdie

While I don't think I can stomach spending nearly $80 on a paper towel holder, I do find the design ideal. I especially love the fact that both the light wood and the light leather strap will patina as you use them; it will eventually take on a character all its own. And that fits with the motto of By Wirth, the Danish company that makes this holder, which is "Design That Loves Growing Old."