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Get the Look: Timeless Traditional Kitchen

This beautiful, functional and highly organized kitchen was renovated 15 years ago, but it still looks fresh. Love the look? Want to emulate some of it in your own kitchen? Here are sources to help you get the look. Fill in the blanks in the comments!

Timeless Traditional Kitchen Sources

Architect: Margie Miller
Artwork: ______________
Cabinets: Simon, Toney, and Fisher
Cabinet Hardware: ______________
Countertops: ______________
Faucets: ______________
Flooring: ______________
Lighting: Sonneman Prairie Rings
Paint – Walls & Ceiling: ______________
Pottery: ______________
Range: La Canche distributed by Art Culinaire
Sink: ______________

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Photographer: Leela Cyd Ross

(Image: Leela Cyd Ross)