Functional Kitchen Storage: Orchard Racks

We've seen vegetable storage racks in the kitchen before, and we love these simple yet functional drawers and trays. The ones we looked at before are only available in the UK, but here is a source for these in the US!

These racks are designed for storing root vegetables in a root cellar or shed. But we could see these in the kitchen for all-purpose storage as well; picture platters, tools, and canned goods on these! They are relatively inexpensive, too, with 3-drawer to 9-drawer models available.

If we had a little more floor space in the kitchen we would really think about adding one of these to the kitchen; we like their open, simple look and real functionality.

Find them: Orchard Racks, $79.95 to $179 at Gardener's Supply

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(Images: Gardener's Supply)