Frugal Tip: Cheese Odds and Ends at Whole Foods

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

A friend tipped me off to a hidden basket in the cheese section at Whole Foods recently. Do you know about it?

Like many cheese shops, the cheese counter at Whole Foods ends up with oddly shaped pieces of cheese after cutting and packaging their selections for sale. Whether the piece is too small to sell with the display or the cheese didn't sell quickly enough, these pieces aren't just thrown away. They're displayed in a little-known (at least to me, until now) basket of cheese odds and ends.

Perfect for sampling a new cheese or getting just enough to add to a baked potato or make a grilled cheese dinner for one, this little basket contains as much variety as the cheese counter itself. The other day I found a chunk of aged gouda along side a piece of mammoth cheddar and a slice of a Jarlsberg wheel. Most were priced under $3.

Did you know about Whole Foods discounted cheese basket?

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(Image: Stephanie Barlow)