The 5 Biggest Food News Stories You Missed This Week

Image Credit: From Left to Right: Hadrian/Shutterstock; Whole Foods Market

Did you watch the royal wedding this morning? That's all everyone seems to be able to talk about this week. While I can't say I'm sad that people won't be speculating on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding food anymore, it's been fun to follow along the last couple months. This week in food news we looked at the weirdest things food brands made to celebrate the happy nuptials, and also looked into Whole Foods' new savings program for Prime members.

Read on for what else you missed in food this week!

1. Whole Foods Just Announced a New Discount for Amazon Prime Members

This week Whole Foods announced that they're going to be rolling out special deals for Amazon Prime members this summer. You can save up to an extra 10 percent off on sale items.

2. 5 Food Companies Who Took the Royal Wedding Thing Too Far

I'm not sure if you were aware, but there was a pretty important wedding that happened today. A bunch of different food companies tried to get in on the spectacle by creating special recipes and products for the occasion. Tostitos went so far as to create a recipe for a "royal wedding cake" made out of dip.

Image Credit: Chantell Lauren Photography / Facebook

3. Molly Yeh Just Announced Her New Show on Food Network

One of Kitchn's favorite food bloggers, Molly Yeh, announced that she has a new show on Food Network. It's called Girl Meets Farm and it's premiering on June 24.

4. Yes, 2018, LaCroix Swimwear Is Now a Thing That Exists

Your devotion to sparkling water has become fashionable. You can now buy LaCroix swimwear in five bubbly different flavors.

Image Credit: Denis Contreras/Stringer/Getty Images

5. There Is About to Be a Martha Stewart Manual. Seriously.

The queen of all domestic affairs, Martha Stewart, announced this week that she's coming out with three new books that will cover the "essential guide to doing things the Martha way."

Happy weekend!